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Dr. Michael Coffman

Dr. Michael Coffman

Born in 1943, Dr. Michael S. Coffman received his BS in Forestry and MS in Biology at Northern Arizona University at and his Ph.D. in Forest Science at the University of Idaho at Moscow in 1966,1967, and 1970 respectively. Since then he has become a respected scientist and ecologist who was involved in ecosystem research for over twenty years in both academia and industry. He taught courses and conducted research in forest ecology and forest community dynamics for ten years at Michigan Technological University--a leading forestry school in the Midwest. While there, he published a book on forest ecosystem classification in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, which has become the standard for classification in the region. He also assisted the U.S. Forest Service in developing an Ecological Land Classification System for each of the National Forests in Region-9.

Until 1992 Dr. Coffman was a manager for Champion International, a leading forest and paper products company in the United States. During his tenure with Champion, he became Chairman of the Forest Health Group within National Council for the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement, a respected scientific research group for the Paper Industry. In this, and other related responsibilities, he oversaw a multimillion dollar research program in which he became intimately involved in such national and international issues as acid rain, global climate change, wetlands, cumulative effects and biological diversity. During this time he was a spokesperson for the Paper Industry for the Media on these issues.

Dr. Coffman is currently President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI), and Executive Director of Sovereignty International. EPI focuses on providing professional guidance and training in defining environmental problems and solutions based on Judeo-Christian principles of stewardship as contrasted with pantheistically-based environmentalism. Sovereignty International helps many different organizations to bring a positive message of how national sovereignty, free market enterprise, private property rights, and traditional values are superior to the global treaties and agreements leading to global governance proposed by the United Nations in September, 2000.

Dr. Coffman played a key role in stopping the ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity Treaty) in the U.S. Senate an hour before the Senate was scheduled to vote on its ratification. His maps and information have been used by local citizens across America to stop the global agenda at the local level. This includes two UN Biosphere Reserves and the designation of at least one river within the American Heritage Rivers Initiative. He has been a featured TV guest on the Outdoor Channel, C-Span and numerous national radio shows such as Marlin Maddoux's Point of View, the G. Gordon Liddy Show and others. He has written a definitive book that is highly recommended by several conservative members of Congress that exposes the pantheistic environmentalist phenomenon; Saviors of the Earth? The Politics and Religion of Environmentalism. He has spoken to audiences in over 150 cities in America and Canada and has participated in United Nations meetings in Europe and Africa.

Dr. Coffman is married to his lovely wife Susan, has two children Jonathan and Tamera and five grandchildren.

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